Inbound Anonymous Calls Issue

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Hopefully this isn’t a stupid question and someone here has also had this issue.

My current situation is as follows.
I have a company hosting 2 phone numbers for me which for ease shall be 1111 and 2222. They then forward all calls for those numbers over sip to my PBX.
My PBX has 2 trunks setup - 1 for each number.

Now normally all calls will go through to the correct phones and display the trunk name and phone number however when an anonymous call comes in something gets confused.
The calls still go through to the correct ring groups but it displays as the wrong trunk name so for example.

I call 1111 and phones 2 and 4 will display trunk 1 for example.
when an anonymous numbers calls 1111 it will still call phones 2 and 4 but it will display as trunk 2.

This works for both numbers and I was hoping someone would be able to help me fix it so it displays correctly with anonymous numbers.

I had zero experience before i set this system up and the trunk settings i have are pretty much trial and error so any help at all would be appreciated.


Thought I would give it some time before replying myself but has no one had any issues like this before? Or have i just explained really poorly the issue?

Trunks are not used to match incoming calls. Inbound routes are used for that. Can you explain how your inbound routes are set up?

Ah right, that would make more sense.
all tabs except general are the defaults .

general settings are as follows.
description - company name
DID Number - SIP Provider username
CallerID Number - Any
CID Priority Route - No
Alert Info and CID name prefix are empty
MoH - Default
Destination is set to - Call Flow Control and either 1 or 2 for the ring group - depending on which route

really appreciate the help

I think it would be necessary to review logs to see the routing decisions Asterisk is making based on your configuration.

Is it possible to export the logs from a Freepbx install and post them here? I have no experience whatsoever with Asterix/Linux so I tend to stick with the GUI.
Il have a quick search see if i cant find a post to try and get the logs needed.

Edit : Just found daily logs using cd /var/log/asterisk. Would these show the correct thing?