Inbound and outbound route

I’ve set up 2 SIP trunks, first with SIPGATE and second with ACTIO.PL. Sipgate gave me a free US phone number and ACTIO.PL gave me great rates to call my family in Poland. Since I live in US I would like to do call my US phone number (Sipgate) and be connected (via with predefine Polish number.
I’m able to setup my asterisk to receive calls from sipgate and redirect them to any extension but not to call out another number.

Please help.

Assuming you can dial the number in Poland from an internal extension and it gets routed correctly, then simply create a Misc Destination, then put the number in Poland that you want to call in the Dial: textbox (enter the number the way you’d dial it from an inside extension). You should then be able to use that as a destination for any Inbound Route, or for an IVR (in case you want to be able to select from among different internal or external destinations), or however you want to use it.

sir_sip, thanks a lot for your help, It works like a charm :slight_smile: I was not aware of Misc Destination module at all. Thanks one more time.


can you share your configuration for Actio please, I’ve been trying to set it up on my new box for some time already, it registers but i can’t receive any calls.