Inbound and Outbound route menu items missing on FreePBX14

Today I went to the admin page to modify an inbound routes settings and in the connectivity dropdown the inbound route and outbound route options are not there.

I restarted the system, ran a system update and still no menu items. The phones still work on our trunk including the priority inbound route I set up for my cellphone.

All the other menu Items in other tabs seem to be there

Any Ideas?

sounds like core is disabled. What is the output of

fwconsole ma list

Hi Thanks for reply

Output is here

Looking through i can see that core is indeed disables pending an upgrade. I ran the GUI upgrade tool so im not sure why it hasn’t upgraded, probably my error.
Would it be better to run an upgrade through the SSH CLI?

you have several disabled modules. Run:

fwconsole ma install core

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