Inbound and outbound not working now with sipstation

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this is what I put 


Did I do this right?

No idea way too low a resolution to read.

You click the link and it makes it bigger

Looks fine to me.

what could be the issue that the out bound calls are not working?
i get incoming calls just fine. and i can call all my extensions

What is the error you’re getting, I take it you are either hearing something on the phone, or is it just not doing anything?

Without sounding rude, we need to know as much as you can possibly explain. There are a lot of reasons your outbound is not working. Inbounds are fairly easy to get working.

For instance, here is one major item you will need, it is an outbound route, I called it sipstation so I know what it is and configured it like this…

i was getting “all circuits are buys now” but i when in and took off my 505 area cone and it works now