Inbound and outbound not working now with sipstation

i have no clue what i did of what happen i got a sip station VoIP service and now it is not work on making and receiving calls, and all my extensions are now working right also i got the first main one (100) can receive calls from other extensions but cant call to like 101, 102, or 103 it tell me that my call cant be completed as died, can any spend a bit of time and help me to find out what i did, all i wanted to do is add extensions so that they all ring when a incoming call is received. thanks for your time. please e-mail me if you have any questions or and idea on what i did to break it [email protected]

Nobody is going to email you sir. Support is via the forum.

You need to tell us what version of FreePBX you are running and how it was installed.

We need to know your trunk config, outbound routes and a log snip from when the calls fail.

it is pbx 2.11 it was installed on a iso dvd off free pbx site itwas all up and good last night like 6 hours ago then i broke it some how :frowning:

all the trunk info was install by a guy at sip station that logged in to my pbx system so i really dont what he did all i know is it was working

How recently was this? I was unaware that they would do that. Was this in the last few weeks?

It happened last night just installed the whole system last night and every thins was working and but don’t work now

So last night someone from the Schmooze team remoted in to your system and set it up. Do you remember their name?

I wonder if you’re on a dynamic IP and your address changed, possibly not updating Sipstation module to reflect the correct IP address?

Are you on Cable or DSL with a static IP or Dynamic? if you are unsure, call your ISP and ask them. Then get back to us.

i dont know who he was he called to make sure i was real cuz there was two accounts with my name and what not and i told him i had a prob with it and he set it up for me in like 2 mins he said that my trunks where set up right and then it all worked and now it not working any more i dont what happen. i am on Cable 35mbs down 10mbs up.and i have a static ip.

How did you make contact with this guy? via Sipstations website? Was his name Philippe? How did he gain access to your system also? did he ask for SSH access or some other form of access?

When you click on the sipstation module, do you see anything in red? specifically where is says trunk status?

i dont know who he was he emailed me asking to talk to me to verify that im the account owner and when he called and did that every thing was ok and i asked him that i was having problems with the in and out bound calling so he asked for my ip and went in to my system with the username and password in to my PBX and fixed it for me. i checked every thing and every thing is showing green and there is nothing that pops up red, i need some help to get this fixed any know have any ideas on what i could do i am new to the whole PBX.

Tony jumped in and helped him out last night. He didn’t have any routes programmed.

You need to answer Dean’s question.

Did you change anything today? Maybe on your network? Do you have a dynamic IP and possibly it updated?

i did change some things whith in the extinctions and trying to get them all to ring at once and i dont know what i did to it last night and it broke i could not fix it so i when to bed and still the same my ip address did not change and every thing is forwarded in my router i dont know what i did i looked and looked to see what i did and i cant find whats wrong when i dont know what right.

ok so i redid every thing and now i got the inbound and out bound calls to work along with calling the extensions now i need to get my ring groups to work i went to the admin and check for upgrade and there is no ring groups in there. i looked on google to try and find it so i can intall it my self and cant find it any one know where i could get a copy so i can upload it to my server i and rining FreePBX 2.11

If you go to module admin you don’t have a ring groups module? I find that really hard to believe.

Type these commands from Linux and cut and paste the output:

cd /var/lib/asterisk/bin
./module_admin list | grep -i ring

i did find it but now i have a Huge issue i was trying to install a module and it said cant install cuz i am on PHP 5.1.6 and so i whent and got PHP53 and after installing that on the server i cant see my admin page when i got to the Internal ip address.

How was this system installed originally?

You can’t just update PHP, there are many dependencies.

You are really in hot water now. At a minimum restart httpd, do an amportal restart and the /var/lib/asterisk/bin/./module_admin reload

well i think im going to get out of hot water now and im reinstalling my whole server with free pbx distro 3.211 all over again

Ok, if you started with a distro before the question is how did you manage to get the wrong PHP version and mess up zend.

Good luck

I used a old install cd from the web side then u did a wget for the new freepbx 2.11 and installed it that way every thing is working 100% better I just having a prob making out bound calls I set up 911 and 7 and 10 is the system And it will wont work I also set up the trunks also I get calls in good any ideas?