Inbound and outbound calls periodically stopping

I recently helped install a FreePBX system for a friend’s business. I have one in use at my business and have not had any issues. Just this week they let me know that for 2 days straight (Monday and Tuesday mornings) it seems they had an outage where inbound and outbound calls could not be made during a period of possibly 30-60 minutes. Then the issue self corrected. Any thoughts on what could cause this? It seems the phone users trying to make inbound and outbound calls get a pre-recorded error message during this time. I have been unable to confirm exactly what the message says. I think when they were trying to call out they got an “All circuits are busy” message. And I think the inbound calls got a “The number you have dialed is not in service” message.

We contacted the SIP trunk provider and confirmed the outage was not on their end.

Does your SIP provider gratuitously change your IP address?

No, the calls are getting to the PBX because the error messages are freepbx pre recorded messages.

In that case, see: Providing Great Debug - Support Services - Documentation

The calls from the extensions are getting to the server, can you say the same for your voip provider? I suggest you fire up sngrep

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