Inbond error after upgrade to FreePBX 2.7

I upgrade from FreePBX 2.6 to 2.7 in trixbox when I add or edit inboound did number I got following errors

INSERT INTO incoming (cidnum,extension,destination,faxexten,faxemail,answer,wait,privacyman,alertinfo, ringing, mohclass, description, grppre, delay_answer, pricid) values (’’,‘9169879186’,‘from-did-direct,1002,1’,‘default’,’’,‘0’,’’,‘0’,’’, ‘’, ‘default’, ‘Rafique’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’) [nativecode=1054 ** Unknown column ‘faxexten’ in ‘field list’]SQL -
INSERT INTO incoming (cidnum,extension,destination,faxexten,faxemail,answer,wait,privacyman,alertinfo, ringing, mohclass, description, grppre, delay_answer, pricid) values (’’,‘9169879186’,‘from-did-direct,1002,1’,‘default’,’’,‘0’,’’,‘0’,’’, ‘’, ‘default’, ‘Rafique’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’)

please help me How I fix above error

sounds like you may have installed on top of a ‘forked’ version of freepbx and not all the migration code was run properly. If that is not the case, something else may have failed in the migration.

What version of core are you running? It will tell you in the Module Admin page. Please report back what version you are running to help us/others understand what may be the case (and to allow us to see if there is more we can do automatically for such trixbox upgrades if it was from the forced version).

Once you have checked the requested information, try re-installing or force installing core again, as well as framework if need be, from Module Admin.

If this was from the forked version, you would be advised to force install (or downgrade if that it what it says) every module you are using.

Thanks for getting back with what you find out here to help others who may be having the same problem. We suspect a lot of trixbox users may be trying this as trixbox appears to have stopped keeping up-to-date with recent releases of FreePBX.

thank for quick reply
my core version is
please help step by step to solve this problem

You were running a forked version of FreePBX:

  1. Go to Module Admin
  2. Choose to Downgrade, Re-Install or Upgrade every single module that you have installed.
  3. That should fix your problem

The issue is as follows. When trixbox forks FreePBX (which is primarily so they can re-brand it, remove all mentions of FreePBX and Asterisk, and try to get it to fit withing the rest of their look-and-feel), they changed some of the version numbers such as Core in this case, changed to 5.x. There are some other modules in this category.

They have done this to make sure their version numbers are higher than the Authentic FreePBX so that Module Admin will not overwrite those modules. The normal behavior of Module Admin is to assume any version number you have installed that is the same or higher than what is in the online repository is preferred and not upgraded.

In releases prior to 2.7, it was not even possible to force these modules to either be “Downgraded” or re-installed if you were up to date or ahead.

In version 2.7, we added the ability for you to force it to reload these anyhow. So this is what you need to do.

To the best of our knowledge, there has been every little done on their forked version beyond the re-branding and name removals. As a result, we don’t expect there to be issues with upgrading to the Authentic FreePBX in this way. However, there has not been any testing by the FreePBX team to see if there is in fact something they may have changed that might result in this breaking, since the Authentic FreePBX expects to be upgrading form previous Authentic releases.

The only types of issues that would cause something to break is if they started to make changes to database schema or related changes. To the best of our knowledge, none of that has been done and you are very likely safe.

Good luck and let us know what you find going forward, we will try to determine ways to help such cases as yours or at least add some documentation on the upgrade page wrt to trixbox once we hear back from folks like yourself and what you find.

I could not find Downgrade, Re-Install in Module Admin please let me know which side is Downgrade, Re-Install in Module Admin

How did you install 2.7 to begin with? It should be pointing to the Authentic Module repository and once you have updated framework to the latest version, you should have the ability to re-install or downgrade.

Otherwise you need to explain what you did to upgrade and what versions you see as available for both framework and core.

when I Check for updates online in Module Admin new module shows for 2.7 upgrade then I install from from new module for 2.7 after the upgrading 2.7 above mentioned problem rise.

sorry it is 2.7

you are not answering the questions above. I asked:

  • how did you initially upgrade
  • What version of the Framework Module are you showing (installed and available)
  • What version of the Core Module are you showing (installed and available)

You only mentioned earlier in the thread that you had core, which is a trixbox forked version number (and from version 2.5 if I’m not mistaken)

thanks for reply
As I explain above I upgraded to freepbx 2.7 from Module Administration
Framework Module version 5.5.2
Core Module version

FreePBX does not have a 5.5.2 Framework. So I’m not sure how you got there unless trixbox has provided a version of 2.7 of their own and last I knew, they didn’t even have 2.6 yet.

You may have to go grab the tarball and install over your current code which should get you pointed toward the right repository at which point you should be able to re-install the other modules.