In voicemail admin module delete does not work

I am trying to delete new voicemail messages from certain
extensions using the Voicemail Admin module, but it doesn’t
work. I select the Delete box and click on submit, yet nothing
I am now on
PBX in a Flash Version =
FreePBX Version =
Running Asterisk Version = Asterisk
Asterisk Source Version =
Dahdi Source Version = 2.4.1+2.4.1
Libpri Source Version =

i tried this in december with whatever the latest version of freepbx
was back then and it didnt work either, so I am guessing I am misunderstanding
how its supposed to work.
Any tips? i need to massively delete new voicemails from people that
have up to 99 in their box.


#5036 - submitted in you name

i submitted the same thing at the same exact moment following your recommendation
i got Ticket #5037.
please close the redundant ticket, i dont find a way to do it myself.
thanks, sorry about the trouble.


thanks for reporting it, I just happened upon the fix so thought I would submit it so I had the ticket to close the bug against. If you get a chance to pull the fix on your system and test, would be great to make sure it did not break anything else in the module before publishing the module.

sounds like a bug, best to file tickets when you notice such things (like back in December) so that they can be looked at:)

for now you should file a ticket against it.