In Registries.php Line 19: A non-numeric Value encountered

I’m getting the this error, “In Registries.php Line 19: A non-numeric Value encountered” in a 16 Distro install with latest updates when doing a fwconsole reload. I can’t find any previous info on this…does anyone have any idea for a resolution or how to go about debugging this error?

We will see more and more of this now that FreePBX is using newer PHP versions. I would just file a bug report. PHP isn’t a strongly typed language but in newer versions types become more important

The only Registries.php file I can find is in the asterisk info module, so you may be able to work around this by temporarily disabling:

fwconsole ma disable asteriskinfo

As James says, please open a bug report:

Hi @macjacfish I guess your reported issue [FREEPBX-23549] Registries.php line 19, A non-Numberic value encountered - Sangoma Issue Tracker is already solved via the issue tracker right ? If not then please open an issue for us to check further.


Yes thanks everyone for taking your time to comment on this issue. I did open a bug track on this and Kapil directed me to the parking lot config. This was an import of a distro 13 into 16…and something must have gone awry in the process…the default parking lot number of 70 and the beginning slot number of 71 were not configured. That is what was causing the error. Thanks again to all!

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