In past versions was there an option to email recordings that is now missing?

I upgraded from FreePBX 11 to FreePBX 14 several weeks ago and just recently I had a user contact me because he was no longer able to use *1 to record a call. I figured out why that wasn’t working but then he said that the only way he could get the finished recording was to go into the UCP and download it. He said that in the past the system would email the recording to him at the conclusion of the call.

Maybe I am making things up in my mind, but I could have sworn that there used to be a place in the extension settings where you could enter an email address, and if a user created a recording it would send it to that email address. This was back when all the settings for an extension were on a single page rather than broken up into pages with tabs. Am I imagining things, or was that something that was actually possible in older versions? And either way, is there some way to do it now? I’d want to email the recoding to the specific user that initiated it by pressing *1, not to some general email address.

Also, do such recordings get automatically purged after they are downloaded via the UCP, or after a certain length of time? Or if there is a way to email them, are they deleted after they are emailed?

Recordings don’t get automatically deleted.

Based on what you posted, I assume there was a custom post recording script on your old PBX which emailed the user the file and then deleted the file from the system.

Could be that script is still on your PBX (depends how you upgraded) but has permissions issues after upgrading.
Monitor asterisk -rvvvvvvvv and see if it tries to run something post call recording.

Is there some way to automatically delete them some number of days after they are created?

Also, I went from FreePBX 11 to 14, so it wasn’t really an upgrade so much as a start over from scratch, copying FreePBX configurations manually. I don’t even think FreePBX 11 used a custom post recording script but even if it did, I sure don’t remember having one, and didn’t see any reference to one in my old settings, and even if there was one there is no way it could have got copied the new system.

Asterisk doesn’t try to run anything post call recording. So I guess there’s no way to email recordings now? In particular the recording would need to be emailed to the user that pressed *1, not some general email address.

It seems to me that we’ve been discussing several threads about emailing recordings and deleting them automatically for the past two weeks, so clearly there’s a way to do it.

In 13 and beyond, a lot of the “admin” stuff for things like voice mail options have been moved to User Control Panel. Have you looked there?

Well I went all the way back to July 1 in this forum and the only applicable thread I found was at Clearing call recording which does at least show how to delete old recordings after a specific number of days, from the command line or a cron job. But nothing whatsoever about emailing and then deleting recordings. Anyway, what I meant was that there’s no way to do it from within the FreePBX GUI, like (I thought) there used to be.

I did see a post somewhere about using a post call script to email recordings (using a couple of normally hidden/read-only settings), but the problem was that it emailed them all to the same email address, regardless of which user started the recording. But, if the call isn’t emailed to the user that started it by pressing *1 then that is absolutely useless to me. My (maybe faulty) memory is that in an older version there was actually an extension setting to specify an email address where recordings made by that extension were to be emailed, but I just don’t see that anymore, in the extension settings OR the UCP settings. I’ll probably just tell that user that if he wants the recording he needs to retrieve it using the UCP, since if that functionality once existed it apparently no longer does.

I do that by using fileZilla to access directory structure of freepbx and going in and clearing out the recordings

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