In-out recodings not like normal conversation

I am recoding calls using FreePBX. It works well and the in-out files are joined too. But they don’t end up like a normal conversation, intead, I have the in file and then the out file when I play it back. For example, the conversation like below:

A: How do you spell your name?
B: It’s qwerty

So the final file will have the A’s part and when it is finished, then the B’s part rather tha n A-B,A-B…

What I have set up wrongly?

I’m using AsteriskNOW - 1.5.0 (64-bit).


Please show us the command(s) you are using to join the files. It could be a simple switch on the command line needs to be changed.

For example, if you are using sox:

sox in.wav out.wav in-out.wav
– will produce the file in-out.wav which is the in.wav file followed by the out.wav file

sox -m in.wav out.wav inout.wav
– will produce the file inout.wav that is a mix of in.wav and out.wav together.

sox -M in.wav out.wav inLoutR.wav
– will produce the file inLoutR.wav that is a merge of in.wav as the left stereo channel, and out.wav as the right stereo channel

Hope that helps!