In Call Recordings not showing up in user portal consistently

OK, this is an odd one, but here goes.

I’ve had FreePBX running on top of Asterisk for some time now. It used to work fine with in call recordings, but now it only shows internal extension to extension recordings, and won’t show recording made on incoming or outgoing trunk calls.

I can confirm that the files are being created correctly in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor, and have confirmed through the asterisk CLI that the codes are accepted/files created on queue.

Any suggestions I should look into for this issue? I know the version are a bit out of date at the moment, but when it works I dislike messing with it too much.

Just as a reference, I have confirmed the incall/outcall options, using Automixmon
with xX options.Have also tried using Automon and wW as well. Both end up with similar results, so I am a bit stumped.