In-Call Feature Codes and Call Transfer


I’m having an issue of “permissions” using in-call feature codes.

Basically it’s like this:

  • I receive a call from outside
  • At this time it’s all ok, only the internal phone can use in-call feature codes (use ## to transfer)
  • I use the in-call feature codes to transfer the call to another extension
  • Now I have a problem, the caller from outside can now use in-call feature codes

I tried changing the Dial Command Options, but the only way I could prevent this was to disable the transfers (t and T options).

What I basically want is all internal calls with in-call feature codes available.
Also, when an internal phone calls to outside, this internal phone should also have the in-call feature codes available.
And if possible, I would like to have a list off external number to which I would dial with in-call feature codes available, for example, employees mobile phones.

Thank you