In-call disconnet not working Freepbx 14

When I answer a call from sip trunk and transfert with “*2”, If you get the voice mailbox message instead or the person not answer, we dial the “ In-Call Asterisk Disconnect Code ” (’’**’’) to get back to the original caller and explain the person is away. This is not working, instead of get back to the original caller we get busy tone and after a few seconds we get back the original caller.

What is output of

asterisk -x "features show"

Hello, this is:

Builtin Feature           Default Current
---------------           ------- -------
Pickup                    *8      *8
Blind Transfer            #       ##
Attended Transfer                 *2
One Touch Monitor
Disconnect Call           *       **
Park Call
One Touch MixMonitor

Dynamic Feature           Default Current
---------------           ------- -------

Feature Groups:

Ah yes, newer versions of Asterisk do things differently. This post should help:

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It worked using atxferabort in custom file, thank you

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