In call dialed numbers

While on a call and you enter any number, after a second or so it changes to a asterisk (****) is there a way to change this and be able to see what I had entered?

Example: When calling a company, you enter a [lets say 3 digit] extension number, all you see on your screen is *** which doesn’t allow me to see what extension number iv’e entered.


I uploaded a Video so you guys can see what i’m talking about.


Interesting, it seems to act as if you were filling in a password…

Good luck and have a nice day!


This is what makes it look so strange, you can see om top that I’m actually on a call, why is it this way? I can’t find wherw to change it.
Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

It’s for security reasons. To many times people have complained that they are in a I’ve entering things like CC or Social Security number or a pin number and now this are visible by anyone looking at your phone and lots of times in your call history. So we only show the digits as you enter them.

Thanks for your response tony.

3 points.

  1. Why should in call entry’s be recorded to your call history?

  2. This should’ve been optional to disable/enable.
    Or at least not show these asterisk at all, it should rather disappear than have these asterisks on your screen.

  3. I haven’t dig in the phone config, but we have had customers in the past that requested call history to be removed from the physical phone, it should be accessible from UCP only.
    We did so with Fanvil phones, i don’t remember what exactly we changed in basfile edit, but it’s working to date.
    (These phones are at a facility that has to keep a lot of their customers info very confidential, so they did not want anyone to walk to a phone and be able to see who was called last)