In-Call Blind Transfer (For Call Park) on Yealink Phone


I have a Yealink T26 and T28 phone in my possession for testing and possible installation. So far, I have everything working perfectly:

  • VPN connection back to the Asterisk server (running OpenVPN)
  • BLF/DSS Keys
  • Registration, receive/create phone calls.

However, when I try to assign ##70, ##70#, 70, etc. to have a physical button dedicated to parking calls, the active call is just placed on hold, while a new active call is placed to call 70, and then that call is parked, but the initial call is not and this isn’t doing what it should do.

For Cisco SPA 5xx phones, this just works like a charm, both with softkeys and with dedicated line buttons. I set the button to be a speed dial to 70 and then the active call is placed on park when pressed. For the softkey, it is much like the same. It is set to fnc=sd;[email protected]$PROXY;nme=Park (where fnc= function and sd= speeddial, ext= the number to dial, nme= the name of the softkey to display onscreen.

Is there something I’m missing with Yealink phones to work with in-call blind transfer?

I found the workaround. In-Call blind transfer just doesn’t work for this phones. Not sure why, but I found I can program the DSS or line keys to function as a transfer key, and then I entered 70 as the value for that key. Now it sends the call to park fine.