In-Call Asterisk Attended Transfer for ring group


I’m working in a french university using Alcatel phone network.
For the library, I’m trying to setting up an IVR.
I have 2 SIP phone accounts from Alcatel : 62224 et 62225

I call this number : 62224
IVR say "hello, push 1 for service1 etc…"
I push “1”, and all of the declared phones in the ring group “service1” ring.
Someone pick up the phone and I can talk to him.

Great, but, I call 62224, Freepbx try to call someone with 62225 but no forward !
Both of SIP lines are used : me with 62224 and service with 62225.

I would like to use “In-Call Asterisk Attended Transfer” “*2” :

Can you help me ?