In-band administration of asterisk

While the Sangoma developers are busy solving important problems, I decided to solve a problem that no one has: how can I administer my PBX over RTP streams?

In case you would like a softmodem for asterisk for any reason, you can find the module here: GitHub - billsimon/asterisk-Softmodem: V.23 Softmodem for Asterisk with some Bildschirmtext-specific stuff in it.

It uses Steve Underwood’s popular and versatile spandsp library. Did you know spandsp has data modems as well as fax modems?

ps: no, I’m not actually going to use this to administer my PBX.


You’re horrible.


Demonstrating that genius is just a baby step away from evil genius.

[backs away slowly]


I think you win the internet with this one :slight_smile: !

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