Importing Recordings in Bulk

OK, so I am migrating to a new server (finally! I’ve been too chicken up till now).

I don’t want to go through the hassle of uploading all of my custom recordings via the web interface, so I SCPed the files to the new server, dropped them in the /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/custom/ directory and now I need to get them to show up in the System Recordings module, but it doesn’t know about them.

The old server is on FreePBX, and the new one is on, though I don’t think that the version will prove to be relevant. I have googled around and searched this forum, and the answers I have found point to removing the Sounds module and reinstalling it, which will force an update of the SQL database, and Voila!

However, those instructions are old, and there doesn’t appear to be a sounds module anymore. I presume that removing and reinstalling the Recordings module would accomplish the same thing, but the only option I have in the Module admin is “No Action”, so I am stuck.

Is there an updated method to make this happen?


After fiddling with other things, I just uploaded the files using the web interface. It would be nice to have a simple way to force the system to build a recordings list from the directory structure, but it was relatively painless to use the interface in the end.

Hopefully someone will post an answer for others who are searching?


An easy way would be to simply FTP the directories from to original to the correct location on the new box.


Why didnt you just use backup and restore?

it can be set to only backup (or only restore) the sound files.

In recent versions you can even have it use ssh to send the backup to another system.

Bill: I had copied the files to the new machine, that was the easy part (though I used scp instead of FTP). My problem was getting FreePBX to recognize the new sounds in the folder.

totalimpact: That probably would have been the easiest method, but I had written off Backup/Restore because of password mismatches between Trixbox (Old) and Elastix (new). I bet it would have worked, though. Thank you for the tip.