Importing into Asterisk Phonebook

A location I manage has changed telco providers and no longer getting CNAM information. I have an export of all their CDR’s and extracted unique callers and formatted the CSV to match what the “Export Phone Book” provides to at least provide some CNAM data and then for the missing data use an external source such as OpenCNAM. I’m having trouble importing the csv I created.

CSV Export from Phonebook entires manually entered into phonebook

“John Doe”;5551112222;
“Joe Doe”;5552223333;

CSV sample to import

“HOPE INC”;4076540000;
“Zirkle Rodney”;6417990000;
“ZITO JOSEPHIN”;6317720000;

When I hit “Import Phonebook”, select the file and submit the page refreshes without any of the new entries or any error messages. The actual file I’m trying to import is just over 32000 records, 933kb Is there a limit as to how many records I can import? is there a special format that I might be missing.