Importing call detail records

Is it possible to import call detail records into a FreePBX system from a non-FreePBX system that was built from source?

I have multiple customers that have Asterisk systems that I built from source before I decided to move to FreePBX. I want to convert these customers to FreePBX using an install from the distro and would like to keep the history of call detail.

I have the call detail records in CSV format and in a mySQL database on each of the non-FreePBX systems.

No, you would have to import the csv into the asteriskcdrdb database


Isn’t that basically what Alan is asking? Your answer confuses me because my answer would be “yes, you would have to import the csv into the asteriskcdrdb database.”

However, I don’t know if there would be enough differences in fields that would prevent this because I don’t know what the cdr looks like in vanilla Asterisk from source.

The way I see it, you would just “clean” the data to match the structure of the asteriskcdrdb as best as you can (if even necessary) and see what kind of results you get.

Where am I wrong?

Yes, my terse answer was confusing.

I would pull the CSV into excel, edit the structure to populate what you want (it’s mostly 1:1) then import into mysql using the "load data local infile’ directive.

When I say mysql I am talking about the command line mysql tool.