Imported Extensions can't register

Newb here. I installed FreePBX 12 w/Asterisk 11 via the distro.

I’ve been able to add test extensions, and have our Polycom phones register without problem.

When I use the bulk extensions module to import extensions, none of the extensions can register. I get “bad password” in the debug logs.

I’ve exported the extensions to a csv, and did a differential on the imported vs. manual add, matched up the missing fields, and still can’t get the imported extensions to register.

I’ve reset passwords on the exts and phones multiple times, but still can’t get an imported ext to register.

Not sure what I am missing??? Thanks

I’ve never used the “Bulk Extensions” module before but it sounds like there is an issue with the “Secret” for the extensions as that is what is used to register them with a phone. I don’t know if this is the “password” you are talking about but it would be the first thing I would check out if you haven’t already. “Secrets” are usually auto generated as a long string of numbers and letters and can be found for each extension in the “Extension” module in the “Applications” drop down. If you’re using the “End Point Manager” module this shouldn’t matter too much but if you aren’t then you’re going to want to log into each phone and make sure it is using the matching “Secret” to try and register with the extension you want it to.

Are you using the “End Point Manager” module and what make/model are the phones you’re trying to register?


Thanks for the reply. I apologize, I was referring to the “secret.” I created a single custom secret that I set for all of the bulk exts, and entered it in the csv file under “devinfo_secret.” I can see that the secret is correct in the extension settings, and verified this by exporting the exts to a csv to double check that it was imported correctly.

On the phone side, I am just starting to play with the EPM. I just wanted to test my config, and manually configured a phone with the settings. Manually created extensions will register, but none from the bulk import will, they all fail to register with “bad password.”

I’ve also ripped out all of the imported extensions, and tried again with just a few. Every time the imported extension fail. weird.

Thanks again for the reply.

Like I said I don’t have any experience with the “Bulk Extension” module so someone else might have to chime in but I was under the impression that it was just used for importing or creating a large number of extensions in the system at once. For phones to actually get paired with the extensions you will either need to manually do it for each phone or use the EPM to do it from the web GUI. A newly created extension won’t automatically register with a phone. Hope that helps.