Important: if you used framework to upgrade to beta2

If you upgraded to 2.3.0beta2 from a previous beta using the online module system then there is one important step you are going to want to take. The online update system is not able to update the /usr/sbin/amportal script that is used to start and stop Asterisk and FOP, since this is owned by root. When installed with the tarball, Beta2 replaces this script with a very simple script that calls another script, freepbx_engine which the online system can maintain.

This change also engages the ability to selectively start and stop FOP when Asterisk is started. You can take the following simple steps to make the change to your installation which will then allow the online system to do everything for you.

[code:1]su - # you must be root
cp ./amportal /usr/sbin/amportal

With that change, you will no longer need to worry about installing tarballs.