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This is an important notice for those using the FreePBX Distro or PBXact with the either the Digium phones Module or Endpoint Manager to provision Sangoma DPMA phones.

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If you’re using DPMA phones with the FreePBX Digium Phones Module on the SNG7 FreePBX Distro, it’s strongly recommended that you change the DPMA rpm on your system.


Sangoma DPMA phones (formerly branded as Digium, which includes the D series and P series devices) rely on the res_digium_phone Asterisk module for full phone functionality. There are two FreePBX modules for provisioning DPMA phones, the old Digium Phones module and Endpoint Manager. Until now, it has been a project goal to ensure that both PBX provisioning modules have maintained compatibility with updates to the Asterisk res_digium_phone module, but that has become increasingly difficult, to the point that it is now necessary to have a separate matching Asterisk module for each FreePBX module.

We have added the following DPMA RPMs to the FreePBX SNG7 Distro platform.

  1. asterisk<number>_res_digium_phone - This RPM is used with the Endpoint Manager module to provision DPMA enabled phones.

  2. asterisk<number>_res_digium_phone_public -This RPM is used with the FreePBX Digium Phones Module to provision DPMA enabled phones.

For provisioning DPMA phones, it is strongly recommended to use EITHER Endpoint Manager OR the FreePBX Digium Phone Module. Do not use both the modules on the same system to provision DPMA phones.

As of now, we have published most of the Asterisk supported RPMs for Digium phone modules, and will be publishing for the remaining asterisk versions shortly. (Ref - FREEPBX-22911)

If you are using the Digium Phone Module to provision DPMA phones on the FreePBX Distro platform, then its recommended to switch to the corresponding RPM to avoid seeing the Asterisk restart issue (Ref - FREEPBX-22835)


If your FreePBX system is set up with anything other than above rpm’s you will see a notice when you browse to the FreePBX Digium Phone module page:

What you need to do as a FreePBX Administrator

  • If you’re not running the SNG7 FreePBX Distro - Nothing, continue to apply updates as you’ve been doing.

  • If you’re not using DPMA series phones (D series or P series by Sangoma or Digium) - Nothing.

  • If you’re using the Endpoint Manager in FreePBX or PBXact - Nothing.

  • If you’re using the old FreePBX Digium Phones module on FreePBX Distro SNG7 - ensure Asterisk is running with the module res_digium_phone_public

  • If you’re running PBXact on SNG7 and you are using the unsupported Digium Phones Module for provisioning devices - Contact Support

As of this writing, the asterisk-version-switch script is not aware of the two different DPMA repos, so the above instructions will need to be reapplied after changing major asterisk versions. This will be addressed shortly, REF: FREEPBX-22913


This applies to me:
“If you’re using the old FreePBX Digium Phones module on FreePBX Distro SNG7 - ensure Asterisk is running with the module res_digium_phone_public”

I updated the system and installed the digium_phone_public version. But now it says, I have version 3.6.5…does it mean I will see the Asterisk segfault problems mentioned above? Previously I used version 3.6.3


Using the3.6.5 public repo in this situation is expected to resolve the Asterisk segfault issue.

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Ok thanks…I was a little bit confused because the current workaround listed is to downgrade to DPMA version (Ref - FREEPBX-22835) :wink:

Ticket updated with link to this fix.

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