Import phonebook - nothing happens on upload

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Freepbx version
The import phonebook option in Admin/Asterisk Phonebook is not showing any response on the Upload action available after selecting a csv file.
The csv file used is meeting all requirements, “name”;number;speeddial.
Exported some manual additions and imported those using the export.csv , same result.

(Lorne Gaetz) #2

I just tested repeatedly with Asterisk Phonebook Export and import are working fine for me. Is there a possibility there is an error in your import file?


Inserted below is picture of an example csv entry in the uploaded file.

also tried this…
I manually added a Speeddial entry on the webpage, exported it and tried to import it again. Did not work either, without any warning message or whatever…

(Lorne Gaetz) #4

You don’t include the feature code when specifiying speed dial codes:

"V Putin";1234567890;99


Thanks for help !

(PbxNoob) #6

Thanks for this - just similarly confused by the way it fails silently and this thread helped me debug why.