Import phonebook - nothing happens on upload

Freepbx version
The import phonebook option in Admin/Asterisk Phonebook is not showing any response on the Upload action available after selecting a csv file.
The csv file used is meeting all requirements, “name”;number;speeddial.
Exported some manual additions and imported those using the export.csv , same result.

I just tested repeatedly with Asterisk Phonebook Export and import are working fine for me. Is there a possibility there is an error in your import file?

Inserted below is picture of an example csv entry in the uploaded file.

also tried this…
I manually added a Speeddial entry on the webpage, exported it and tried to import it again. Did not work either, without any warning message or whatever…

You don’t include the feature code when specifiying speed dial codes:

"V Putin";1234567890;99

Thanks for help !

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Thanks for this - just similarly confused by the way it fails silently and this thread helped me debug why.

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