Import / Export of Conference Bridges?

Could this be done? Or maybe a conf file that can be use from FreePbx 2.8 | Asterisk 1.8 TO FreePBX 2.11 | Asterisk 10?

We have about a thousand bridge numbers we need to export over.

Currently there isn’t a module or tool to import/export conferences. You can however upgrade the 2.8 system to FreePBX 2.11. After the upgrade you can perform a backup and use that to restore to the new FreePBX 2.11 box.

You can find more information about the Backup & Restore module at Please note that we DO NOT recommend nor support restoring backups between different versions of FreePBX (mean from pre 2.11 (in your case 2.8) to 2.11), which is why we recommend upgrading to the version you’ll be restoring on first.