Import Contacts with Bulk Handler not working

Hello to everyone,
I have wierd problem with importing contacts via Bulk Handler.
I trying to import contacts into private group named “Telefonni_seznam”.
So I go to the Bulk Handler → Import → Contacts
and choose my file:

after click on Subnit and Import, there shows this error:

in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, boolean given

And the result is that import only first contact of the csv file above.

Am I missing something?
I would be graceful for any help.

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The headers in your CSV file don’t match the information in the file. I expect that would cause a problem or two.

Also, you might want to export a file from the Bulk Handler and see what it’s expecting. The format of the entries may have changed since you created this file.

Finally, make sure the entries are properly terminated and have the right number of entries. I’m not sure your first entry (for example) ending with a comma is a correct construction for the bulk handler.

Hello Dave,
Thanks for reply.
Unfortunately that’s not helped.

I’m sure get that header right cause today morning, after all upgrades of FreePBX I made export via bulk handler as you posted so I suppose that is allright.

And you had good notice that entry can’t end with comma and the count of them isn’t correct but it’s fault of this web so I rather rewrite my first post and imput picture rather than text.

Is there any logs that shows me line by line what happend when I clicking on anything in bulk handler or in UCP?

I doubt you’re going to get a line-by-line explanation, but there are a ton of logs in /var/log/asterisk/

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