Implementing holidays with existing time conditions

I have seen many posts about people who want to use a holiday time group with existing time conditions such as having an IVR for “work hours” and another for “after hours”. Unfortunately there is not a way currently for (at least 2.10) to have multiple time groups in a time condition to dynamically use a hierarchy system to tell you which IVR to go to. The solution is quite simple as you have to actually “nest” the conditions from top priority down.

Create 2 time groups. One for all holidays, and one for work hours.

In order for this to work we have to use 2 time conditions, even though you can only use one at a time. Stay with me on this.

Create a new time condition that uses your normal hours time group. Destinations should be on success, go to IVR, otherwise go to after hours IVR. Apply.

Now create a time condition that will use the holiday time group. If the time matches, the destination should be to your “after hours” IVR (or holiday for that matter). If it doesn’t, have the destination go to Time Conditions then select the time condition of your normal work hours.

Set your inbound to go to the holiday time group.

That’s it.

In a nutshell what we just did was

inbound call -> Time condition holiday. Holiday Yes -> After Hours IVR. Holiday No -> go to Time condition Work Hours. Work hours Yes -> Work Hours IVR. Work hours NO -> After Hours IVR.

This is alot easier than clumping in after hours times into the holiday group which I see alot of people doing.

I think a great option to avoid this “tree” implementation is to allow multiple time groups in a single condition that allows you to arrange the time groups by priority.

Hope this makes sense and helps anyone.

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