Imformational IVR setup questions (Announcements and Recordings)

I am in the process of setting up a new IVR for General Support Information. The way it is setup is so that clients call into the main IVR and have 5 options to choose from (i.e Login, Settings, FAQ,s and so on) - each option specific to support for our product. Of those 5 options each one branches out to specific help related options based on the help they are looking for.

How would I go about forwarding the options they choose in the IVR to an informational recording? I can see my recordings in the Announcement drop down but I am not sure how to add recordings to my options at the bottom with the dial codes. The only options available are Directory, Extensions, Feature Code Admin, IVR, Phone Book Directory, Terminate Call, Trunks, Voicemail.

Do I need to create an additional IVR with no dial options and only a return to main IVR after the announcement is played? Or, is there another way to play my information recording for the dial options?

So it would be like Press 2 for Reset Password information, the recording will explain the process for password resets then give them the option to disconnect or go back to main menu.

I believe the recording can be done by forwarding to another IVR and having the announcement provide the Password Reset information but that would require me to create 45 additional IVR’s for all the support options that will be needed. Just trying to find out if there is another way.

FreePBX version