i have some softclients that support IM
(or messaging)

i read you need to enable sip simple for this

how can i enable this?

freepbx 2.1.0


Asterisk doesnt not act as an IM server

i know

but the softclient has a function to send SMS over sip (by users on the same server)

this is using the sip simple protecol and should be supported by asterisk
this is the same protecol as desktop sip clients use for IM (that is why i call it IM)

strange enough i can call with all the difrent softphone’s i know but the text messaging doesn’t work on all the clients

so the actual question should be how to enable sip simple

I’d be interested as well in this and would pay money for a solution. We use Bria iPhone edition as extension on a FreePBX system and all that’s missing is SMS.