I'm stuck!

I tried re-installing AsteriskNow on my CentOS 5.3 system as I’m now completely lost on what to do. It seems my gui won’t work as I don’t understand why it does not work with the internal IP address I thought I had it set to, and my putty executable won’t connect now. I am a beginner at all this Linux stuff and don’t even know how to do a simple command to edit a config file as mentioned in the instruction. Can somebody direct me to where I can find the correct instructions so that I can at least get this thing working again?

as an update, once I found out how to get IP address by typing in “ifconfig” then I was able to get into the gui.

So I’m wondering, is it possible for me to change internal IPs?, and how do I change my admin login password instead of the generic one assigned by freepbx?

The AsteriskNow package uses the Linux,Apache,MySQL,PhP platform to run Asterisk. If you are installing Asterisk and FrePBX ontop of your own CentOS install, make sure that all these services are installed also and running.

Asterisk uses a command line monitor, the CLI, as it’s built in administration interface. FreePBX replaces the origenal Web based configuration GUI that came in the earlier Asterisk packages with a supposed more user friendly graphic layout. Now that I’ve been messing with the new AsteriskNow package with FreePBX, I miss the old Web based interface. It was more attuned to the config files that asterisk wants to see for setup. (This statement is my personal impression after a few days of looking through FreePBX and “not getting it”. I’m sure, after a while I will become accustom to it and say the same thing when FreePBX is replaced.) Anyway, I digress.

Make sure that you have Apache2 running with PhP and My SQL. FreePBX should have installed it’s interface as a Web site on the Asterisk computer. You should be able to access it by pointing an up to date Web Browser to your Asterisk Box’s IP address from another computer and log into the FreePBX web page.

I don’t know if this bit of information is of any help, but welcome to Linux, “The Better OS!”. Stick with the learning curve and you will be glad you did.

Tom S.