"I'm sorry", then hangs up

I have the latest Voicemail module (12.0.38) on a FreePBX system I set up just a month ago. When I call an extension and no one answers, instead of hearing an outgoing message and being able to leave a message, it just says “I’m sorry” then immediately hangs up. No outgoing message, no opportunity to leave a message. Even if I create a new account, it does the same. But some voicemail boxes work fine. Help!

That is often caused by corruption in the file /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf, it is just a text file, DO NOT edit it with a windows based text editor, but look for any strange lines.

Wow, that did it. There was a pair of [ ] on a line between the voicemail boxes that worked and those that did not. I used nano to remove those, and everything works perfectly now. THANKS!