I'm ready to move to a production server

I’m ready to move to a production server.
For the most part everything I use is working. Should I dare?


the core dialplan stuff has been quite rock solid for some time, from what we have seen. I know of a few sites that are running production and report no problems. Most of the beta2 additions were more ‘cosmetic’ in nature, very little effect on the underlying dialplan functionality. So - alhtough there may still be bugs flushed out with some of that new stuff, it really shouldn’t have a big effect on a functioning system.

btw - this is all related to Asterisk 1.2 as a base, there are known issues such as the hints wrt to call-limit setting that still effect 1.4.

I was thinking of just going with 1.2.22 for now. I feel I can get more/better testing this way.

It is so.

I have been running production on a trix 2.2.3 system for a couple weeks now, only issues I am seeing are this odd voicemail issue, and the administrators module is acting weird.

I am running asterisk 1.2.18 still, I will try upgrading to see if that cures my voicemail issue - of not creating a the folder structure what-so-ever when making a new extension.

I’ve been live with the new beta since it came out … mainly 'cause I needed day’night module :slight_smile: Thanks guys.

I’m running on a Dell Poweredge 860 with a B410P. Run Centos 5 with * 1.4.9 with misdn, and the good news as always is I don’t have any complaints so far. I run sip calls to a remote office from the main one with g729 over DSL and that works a treat also. Users log on to their phones at the remote office without dramas.

The only thing at the moment is getting a handle personally on all of the options I can give to the users! And the dreaded call-limit thing.

I’m running it production as well, not much by choice though, i was testing it out on my backup box when the RAM cooked on the primary, and since I didn’t have any problems with it (no show stoppers anyway) it’s now in place.

2.3 beta 2.3 on asterisk 1.2.22 and working fine.

So far so good. Other than a few GUI bugs (which were fixed) operationally I am good with Asterisk 1.22 and FreePBX2.3Beta2.5