I'm putting together a report and wouldn't mind some help

I’m creating a report on all the important locations that freepbx/asterisk keeps data. So far I know about the cdr records, auth logs, asterisk logs. Off the top of my head I cant think of any others but I know for sure theres much more I haven’t listed.

The log files record historical events.

Asterisk ONLY uses the files in/etc/asterisk/*.conf and /etc/asterisk/keys/* (for ssl) to define asterisks behavior, /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf is an anomalous flat form ascii text file that maintains comedian mail’s (the voicemail system) structure and /var/lib/asterisk/astdb.sqlite3 which is an sqlite3 database that has the current “state” of the running asterisk,

FreePBX uses a mysql (type) backend that is used to regenerate the above as needed, there are two databases maintained, asterisk ( the asterisk machine itself) and asteriskcdrdb (the cdr records) the tables within each database further define the data. And a web site rooted at /var/www/html/admin that has helper functions to display and set all the above. /var/lib/asterisk/* /var/spool/asterisk/* and possiblly /home/asterisk/* also have pertinent “custom” data

Peripherally, the backup system maintains copies of all the above in various locations and with various levels of detail as defined by the user.

I am pretty sure that those are all you will need.

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Is there a folder/file where user data, such as login names are kept?

Not in plaintext, you will find them in the mysql asterisk database tables

yeah anything you can think of is always useful. Not just plaintext files, its from a forensics point of view.

Sorry, no one here knows what ‘forensics’ you are looking for?

Do you have anything close to an example of a failure ? If so, of what? ( no mind-readers here)

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