I'm not sure how to do this?

I’m not sure how to do this ?

Incoming call goes to a IVR, caller dials for extension 200, the extension is busy, the caller listens to the busy annoucement, the annoucement gives 3 options,

Press 0 for the operator - to get back out and talk to a live person
1 to leave a message - goes to vm
2 to hold - not sure how to handle this, do I park this call or create a queue, I like to put
this call on hold till the extension is available

Do I set this up in Vmx Locator ? Example under ARI

Press 0 600 - This is my Ring Group, rings all phones
Press 1 *200 - I’m thinking this will transfer to extension 200 VM
Press 2 ##70# - I like this to park the caller till extension 200 is available or do I setup a queue

Thanks for any help