Im getting a STARTING FOP SERVER error

STARTING FOP SERVER /var/www/html/panel/safe_opserver: line 2: /etc/amportal.conf: Permission denied
I am running Ubuntu and am using the latest version of FreePBX I have ugraded all the modules. I am having an issue getting inbound calls. i am not sure that this is the problem but I figure if it says error I might as well fix it.

This error occurs when I do an amportal restart. Could anyone offer any plain english instructions on how to resolve, Thanks!

Without knowing exactly how you built the box it’s hard to provide simple instructions to fix it. But the crux of the issue is that the user rights needed to run safe_opserver on your setup is not set properly.

First thing to try is at the linux prompt type amportal chown

This will set the owner and group permissions on all needed files and folders that asterisk and FreePBX need/use to asterisk:asterisk.

If you provide a link to the directions you used, and any notes on anything you didn’t do or did extra that will help to start.

I tried amportal chown and it came back with: SETTING FILE PERMISSIONS
Permissions OK
It did not resolve my issue though. When i try to do a amportal start I get: STARTING FOP SERVER
bash: line 0: cd: /var/www/html/panel: Permission denied
FOP Server Started

As far as how I built my box. I just used a LinuxMCE install DVD. I made no modifications. I installed LinuxMCE which has FreePBX already installed. I went to the FreePBX screen and it said you should update and so I did. That is all I have done.

Media Center with GUI and using it as a Phone system is not good combination. The GUI and Media center demands can adversely effect the phone side of things where timing is everything. That’s why every set of directions you’ll find on this site don’t have you installing it.

I’m not familiar with the LinuxMCE distro. But “Permission denied” means that the user account that runs that command does not have permission to enter into that directory. So something is not setup correctly. Either a bad install, or the process they used to set it up has a fault. Have you checked the LinuxMCE forums to see if others have complained or posted a fix?