I'm at a conference, how invite someone to the conference? [SOLVED]

I’m at a conference, how do I invite an outside line?

The situation is this:

I’m talking to a couple of colleagues in a conference?

how can I invite to the conference a client who is obviously an outside line …?

You will have to share the conference number and user pin to your client in advance by email or other means , I think there is no option to share the pin from asterisk…

I’m finding things about but in this case, and meetme …


This seems more interesting, maybe you can start from here …

conference pro lets you manage conferences including inviting folks internal and external by number through UCP


I’m reading the “conference pro”

We have software that integrates with Asterisk, if we wanted to interact with “conference pro” you can send AMI commands that allow me to invite external numbers?

No. You can do this through AMI yourself. That is how conferences pro works. I am not a liberty to say exactly how as that would eliminate one of the points of buying Conferences Pro.

of course I understand…
still it serves me through AMI
I hope to succeed

Thanks anyway

solved, here is an example

If anyone has questions are available

Action: Originate
Channel: local/[email protected]
Exten: 334***209
Callerid: 800
Priority: 1
Context: from-internal
ActionID: 981

Hey Claloano
Could you provide me more details, how you achieve this?

It’s exactly what I was looking for.

with “AMI” commands
in the series of commands you see
Channel: local / 800 @ from-internal
800 is the conference group
while with Exten: 334 *** 209
I call a given number or extension I want to participate
obviously we must allow an extension of 800 to make calls
check while you work the log is essential to understand what happens
rest available