If the registration attempt is successful allow HTTPS

From WIKI —>
If the registration attempt is successful, the remote host is then added to a ‘Known Good’ zone, that has permission to use that protocol, and is additionally granted access to UCP if UCP is enabled.

but I cannot find where is Known Good’ zone settings
where I can allow for example HTTPS access to PBX if the registration attempt is successful.

Define the http/https ports for UCP in Sysadmin → Port Management. When there is a successful registration thru the responsive firewall, the IP will be allowed to access these UCP ports.

Thanks for reply
i cannot use 443 HTTPS port assigned
because it is already in Admin section

the goal is to be able to open the admin console and the FOP2… not the UCP

Repsonsive firewall is not designed for that. I’ve asked about it before. I thought there was a ticket on this, but I cannot find it handily. I assume they will never do anything about it.

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