If external caller hangs up first, POTS doesn't hang up (using an OBI 110)

FreePBX running on a Raspberry Pi (via RasPBX for my home system / experimental). I have an OBI 110 that I am using to connect the home’s POTS line to the FreePBX. I set it up according to this page except I changed SilenceTimeThreshold: from 600 to 60. I also changed the default CPCTimeThreshold to 90 as recommended by another website.
Everything works fine EXCEPT when the external caller hangs up first (whether inbound or outbound call). If the internal FreePBX user hangs up first, then all works fine. If the external caller hangs up first, then it stays off-hook for about five minutes.

Either you have not configured disconnect supervision correctly or your provider is not using it at all.

The dialtone comes from a MOCA cable modem -> POTS adapter. The last time I called the cable company (Spectrum) and asked them to change something as simple as the MAC to my new cable modem, they messed up my connection for a day. Is there anyway I can set disconnect supervision on the FreePBX server?

Totally depends on the provider, but ‘busy-detect’ will mostly work if the carrier is otherwise ‘lame’


If your interface is directly an OBI, then you would need to do implement the same concept on that hardware

Test by connecting an analog phone to your cable box. Call in from your mobile, answer the analog, hang up the mobile. With luck, you will hear a disconnect tone (usually sounds like a busy signal or reorder tone). Then, in the OBi, set DisconnectTonePattern to match. If the box does not supply a disconnect tone, silence detection should still work – set up to record the call and listen to whether it’s really silent.

Also, hanging up the the internal extension should end the call, regardless of what happens at the OBi. The Asterisk log should show what is going wrong.

Finally, unless you’re stuck in a long term contract, replacing the Spectrum line with a SIP trunk will save money, give better voice quality, eliminate delays dialing and waiting for caller ID, as well as avoiding the disconnect problem.

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