Idea for a NEW commerical module

Hey team,

There is in my mind one thing missing from Freepbx and dont think it would be a very hard product to build?

The biggest issue I see is on multi site installations. Now I know the answer is to use VPN and use that type of technology to solve the problem.

The issue with this solution is that quite often Telephony is handled separately to standard IT requirements on a corporate network and therefore sometime its not easy getting these teams to work well together.

This is one are that 3CX have really got it right. They have a “boarder gateway” product that talks back to the primary PBX via port 5090. It is available in two options. Software you can install and run as a service on a wintel box or software you can install on a Raspberry Pi.

Basically this software forms a “encrypted tunnel” to the PBX and transports all required request to the PBX (including the ability to deploy via end point manager).

It is simple to setup and just works. This seems to be one thing that we have missing…

Any thoughts on this?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

An encrypted tunnel is a VPN.

Since the Yealinks support OpenVPN a module to manage OpenVPN from with FreePBX would be handy.

Yep as long as it support L2 broadcasts as used with the phone deployment module. This thing that makes the gateway option so good is that a single deployment supports the entire remote network. But Yea OPEN VPN would be cool because then the same technology could be used for a single phone…

Man would that make my life so much easier! (and make remote deployments a simplicity)

Kind of works a little like a proxy…

The other thing this needs to support is iSymphony presence data :slight_smile:

We have been doing it for years, just not with a FreePBX module.

I don’t understand the fascination with remote discover. If you are managing a customers systems the MAC should be assigned to the customer before the phone ships or is delivered. The MAC’s are bar coded so the phone is scanned from inventory to tech or direct to customer system if shipped.

We ship programmed Juniper VPN appliances and phones to users all the time.

It’s all in the process.

Sorry do not agree Skyking, if the gateway can transport broadcasts it means you will be able to use end point manager to manage phones on remote sites.

It means far more simplistic deployments on multiple sites.

I guess it’s a workflow thing. If you are sending phones to customer site and plugging them in without a record of serial number or MAC I could see.

Frankly other than for hobbyists that don’t get it I don’t understand what the auto discovery is for. Please help me understand how a phone could get connected to the network with it being touch by some technical person?