IDEA : Dashboard Statistics to display meaningful data on x axis

I like the way FreePBX shows statistics… these graphs are very nice.


It is not immediately visible and clear on the dashboard graphs, which variant (hour/day/week/month) is selected) (to my taste at least) (and if one is not used to looking at the grid cell width…)

I am browsing the dashboard/statistics files (specifically admin/modules/dashboard/classes directory and admin/modules/dashboard/views/statistics.php) trying to get the elycharts to display x axis data; but I think the underlying problem is, there is no data for it to show ? I suppose the data for x axis needs to be generated somewhere?

(I went as far as adding and fiddling some defaultAxis properties to graphs in the views folder, but nothing was shown).

I’d like to write this up and test it before presenting as a patch:

  • I’d like the bottom (x) axis to show -1h … -55m … etc… -5m … 0 or so, on ‘hour’ interval or with automatically determined density; and similarly to the day / week / month
  • also add text to legend (or better maybe axis title) : 1 grid = 1 minute / 30min or 1 hour / 12 hours or whatever interval is that / 1 day - depending on variant chosen.

( is a bit underdeveloped to claim to be a full reference…)

el es

This may be getting another adjustment in our next release. You may wish to watch and comment on

Frankly, I do not miss the old widgets, i like the graphs more :slight_smile: (or maybe if a graph could be created that has the information the widget used to have, combined on 1 graph… how about a horizontal bar-graph type of graphics? ) but thanks anyway :slight_smile:

@el_es The current graph looked pretty and is super awesome on high volume systems. The data isn’t necessarily clear. That is one of the things we hope to fix. That is why I mentioned that ticket. Community feedback is super important. We need to find the balance between “totally awesome cool” and “User friendly, useful”

This is why a horizontal bar graph with same figures/current data as the Current widgets used to have, could be a quick fix to 8766… just another button on the left to the graphs;
If only the dashboard did not attack me with red colour when I edit the files manually (I know, I know… digitally signed and all that) I’d be more adventurous editing them.

Feel free to edit them. There’s a little ‘X’ in the corner of the alert window that will hide the alert. So you can edit the file, and then just click the ‘X’.

Note that it’s a bit clever, too - if you edit file 1 and 2, and then click the X, it’ll only re-appear if ANOTHER file is edited.

Dashboard is a super idea for showing history info about the pbx. The thing we are missing is the simple function to show active calls live. Now we look at channels or add a piece html software which provides this info user friendly. Active calls with source and destination and call-time in one overview. Super simple and great when we need to reboot in some cases, or give support.
code we use is: