Ibdata1 huge

Hi to all,
today I went out of space and things have become unresponsive, so I freed up some space deleting old logs anf things worked again. I noticed that this file /var/lib/mysql/ibdata1 is 12GB. Is there a way to reduce the size of this? freepbx is on a proxmox server with a disk of 32GB so the / partition is only 28GB. Many thanks

hi, the only way to reduce the size is backup with mysqldump, delete, restore. take a look at this

also, are you serving other databases in this mysql instance? 12gig is pretty large for a freepbx install

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thank you so much

no this is a pure freepbx install and nothing more, just a lot of extensions(around 70) and 4 pjsip trunks, obviously we receive a massive amount of calls every minute

it must be the call volume, i have 110 extensions but not nearly that many calls. my file is only 1.2g. BTW, you might have to prune your call data?

how can I prune those datas? I do not need to preserve any particular log or history in this moment. thank you again

I think that this is happening today due some changes on the italy government rules, and we are receiving a never seen amount of external calls( in this moment around 65 active calls) because clients wants to receive informations about the new rules…

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