IBdata1 file is taking up all of my disk space

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Hello, I have the distro image of FreePBX and its MariaDB ibdata1 file has been slowly growing and is now about to take up all of my disk space. When I first noticed this, and since this is the file that contains all of the tables in the database, I figured it was mostly due to CEL and CDR records.

I redirected the CDR and CEL tables to a remote database hosted on another server. I changed the odbc settings and then modified the FreePBX settings to write to remote CDR database. I verified that the records are being written to the remote databases after I made the changes. However, over the next couple of weeks, i noticed that the ibdata1 file is still growing and is now taking most of the space up on my disk. When I do queries against the CDR and CEL tables, there aren’t records for the time after I redirected the records to the remote database. So why is this ibdata1 file still growing?

What can i do to shrink the file and figure out what the heck is going on?