IAX2 trunk for 2 x FreePBX 14

Hi All,

I am hoping to get some help. i had this working on an older version of Freepbx in the past and have followed multiple guides and youtube videos with no joy this time.

I need the most basic IAX2 trunk to transfer calls between two sites.

I have created a trunk on both sites (only outgoing as the guide suggested and ignored the incoming)

with the following

trunk name:

peer details:
host= (pbx2ip)

and the reverse on the other system only in outgoing.

IAX2 Info shows a peer connection on both

I have setup an outgoing route with dial plans on both and selected the trunks i created.

I am not very comfortable using the dial plans.

One system has extensions 213 - 223 and 801 to 809
The other has extensions 201 - 210

I have tried X. and just . on them both and both says all circuits are busy

Any suggestions welcome :slight_smile:


Check that out first. It has a lot of good information on where you should start. I’d start with the /var/log/asterisk/full log and see what the actual error is.

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