IAX2 trunk between two systems

I have just recently created an IAX2 trunk between two systems. System 1 is running 3.211.63-8 with Asterisk 1.8 and System 2 is 2.210.62-1 with Asterisk 1.8. I am able to call between both with no problems. My question is can it be setup from one system to dial out a sip trunk that is setup on the other system? Also, when I dial from system1 to system 2 the name will show up on the extension that is on system 2 of who is calling but if I call from system 2 to system 1 the caller ID shows up and not name. I have the rpid settings the same on each system.

Not sure if this will fix it or not however I figured I would tell you. On my system it was doing the same thing with caller ID. The extension not sending the name, had both the SIP alias and the outbound CID inputs filled. So I deleted both of them and it started sending names through the trunk.

Make your context internal from the IAX trunk and you can dial anything. just as if you were a sip phone on the host server.