IAX2 Settings

In 2.10 when I try to change codecs in the IAX2 Settings module I get an error message:

The requested URL /admin/a was not found on this server

Does anyone else see this?

I wonder if someone with a test system could check and see if this is indeed a bug, I don’t want to put in a bug report if it is only happening on my system.

I haven’t tried the beta, but if you wanted to double check, you should try running the beta in a VMWare Player machine.

I would also try accessing your current machine using different browsers, i.e. Chrome, Firefox, IE 9, etc. It may be a browser related issue. I believe that the developers don’t use IE 9, and so they often don’t find IE 9 issues…

This has been reported here and here and a fix was provided in the trac. Waiting for confirmation and inclusion into branch.