IAX2 no audio (rtp error)

Hi to all,

I’ve successfully connected 2 pbx each other by IAX2 trunks:
freepbx*CLI> iax2 show peers
Name/Username Host Mask Port Status Description
System2/System1 151.xxx.xxx.xxx (S) 4569 (T) (E) OK (8 ms)
1 iax2 peers [1 online, 0 offline, 0 unmonitored]

When I try to call an extension of pbx-a from pbx-b the extension rings, the call begins but I’ve no audio between. If I view asterisk console I can view this warning after call terminate.

[2021-03-02 13:49:28] NOTICE[2255]: res_pjsip_sdp_rtp.c:148 rtp_check_timeout: Disconnecting channel ‘PJSIP/11-000001b5’ for lack of audio RTP activity in 37 seconds

In both firewall I forword only 4569 UDP port following various wikies.


That means no audio was received from “PJSIP/11”. Your problem is with SIP with that device, not with IAX2.

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