IAX2 Extensions won't Register [RESOLVED]

I’ve setup a new installation of ASterisk Now and I’m having a problem getting IAX2 extensions to work. I can create the extension without a problem. When I attempt to register the extension, nothing happens. It almost like it is actively refusing the connection. SIP extensions register without an issue, but I really need to get the IAX2 connection working. I’ve tried adjusting the permit and deny configuration pieces within the account. I’ve even gone to the advanced IAX settings and set the calltokenoptional and maxcallnumbers that I needed for another system that I have up and running.

Core (FreePBX)
FreePBX ARI Framework (FreePBX)
FreePBX FOP Framework (FreePBX)
FreePBX Framework (FreePBX)
Asterisk IAX Settings (Bandwidth.com)


Try setting requirecalltoken=no per extension basis.

This document provides a complete explanation of the call token enhancements.

THe requirecalltoken piece was it. Thanks for the information.