iax2 extensions aren't actually deleted

I tried to delete an iax2 extension so I could recreate it as a SIP extension. When I created the SIP extension using the same extension number, the iax2 extension reappeared.

Poking around in the database, the details weren’t deleted from the devices and iax tables, just the users table when I deleted the extension. I had to manually delete the id from these tables before it was actually deleted.


Forgot to mention, this is on 2.6.0.RC2.1.

I just ran a test and I could duplicate it. Ticket created #3886.

it looks like my problem is one in the same… my post… (When trying to delete a custom ext it will delete in the gui but if i try to recreate that ext as a sip ext after i reload the server it still shows it as a custom ext… Any ideas??)

The fix is being tested, will be released shortly

Please do a Check for updates online to download the fix.

all set working here too thank much for the fast repair!

Fix is confirmed.

Thanks very very much,