iax2_do_register: Unable to send registration request for ‘844xxxxx’ without IP address

FreePBX: 5.211.65-14
Asterisk (Ver. 11.10.2)

Trying to move from SIP to IAX2

Getting the following debug info:
[2014-08-08 23:21:23] DEBUG[2667]: chan_iax2.c:12176 iax2_do_register: Sending registration request for ‘844xxxxxx’
[2014-08-08 23:21:23] DEBUG[2667]: chan_iax2.c:12197 iax2_do_register: Unable to send registration request for ‘844xxxxxx’ without IP address

IAX2 Registry

Host dnsmgr Username Perceived Refresh State
(null) N 844xxxxx 60 Unregistered
1 IAX2 registrations.

IAX2 Peers

Name/Username Host Mask Port Status Description
Voiptalk IAX/84 (S) 4569 Unmonitored
0161xxxxxx (S) 4569 Unmonitored
2 iax2 peers [0 online, 0 offline, 2 unmonitored]

Cant seem to google up any info on this error, all I get is bits of build files :smile:

How about you post your trunk settings ? (Mind readers around here are in short supply :slight_smile: )

Good Point :laughing:

Maybe start with

IPComms do IAX2 trunking well. I’m sure it is a great template.

Thanks. The only major difference I could see was the lack of the username at the end of the registration string, and incoming username as number. Changing that I now get registration rejected:

CAUSE : Registration Refused

You will have to check with your vendor, each and every trunk is a work of art to itself. If they want your business then it is surely their responsibility to provide you with correct parameters, not ours.

Ill try calling them. Have emailed them in the past but they were hopeless. There guides are all totally out of date. Would switch if it was’t such a pain.

You have my sympathies, apart from that all I can say is get a competent provider, everyone will then be happy, no?

Thanks for the help.

Maybe Ill send there CEO on a nice letter :smile:

Or send Sipstation a check?

you guys do Iax2 now also ? How cool is that !